Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carb Fix (& Pre-Easter Hype!)

Last minutes Easter preparations are happening as I type this.  Everyone seems to be hyped for tomorrow - me, especially, as I have been fasting for nearly two months and, boy, do I miss low-fat yogurt mornings and occasional buttery toast !  My parents and I decorated eggs on Thursday, I baked off a Kulich this morning, and our beautiful pistachio Russian Pasxa is sitting in the refrigerator setting.  Meanwhile, I am serving them carbs, carbs, carbs, perhaps to reflect my earning for these delicious baked goods. 

My mom, who is close to her due date for the baby, is suggesting I bake more whole-grain goods as she doesn't want to gain any more weight, and is attempting to make healthier choices for the next two months.  So, although I'm continuing to whip up high-carb breads and muffins, you will find that most of them contain whole wheat flour, and the muffins I am about to share with you are only 100 calories each, quite wonderful for those on a diet as well !  Only problem is, they don't rise quite as high as regular muffins, due to the reduced fats.  But nonetheless, they're a great shameless treat to have at the table : )

You'll notice that there is a book present in the last shot -- it is the Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum, a great read to have for any bread-lover.  It inspired me to experiment with ingredients and develop my own sandwich bread recipe that I may share soon on this blog : )  It feels liberating to start to move away from recipes and develop your own !

In case I don't get another chance to wish you one, Happy Easter dear readers! If Easter is celebrated in your household and you have a second to spare, I'd really love to hear about what you prepare and how you spend this holiday : )

Thursday, April 7, 2011


These past few weeks have been hectic, with various assignment deadlines and pressure to find a summer job.  I had turned 16 last week, which means I am legally capable of taking the G1 driving test !  I hope to move through all the necessary procedures in order to be able to operate a car in no time : )

I've been meaning to make these lovely traditional Russian walnut-shaped cookies for quite some time.  It was quite a bit of work assembling them, but definitely worth the effort !  The madeleine cookies are chewable, while the cream sandwiched in between is rich, sweet, and luscious.  I brought some of these treats to school (as my parents are not always reliable testers) and asked a great friend of mine, Cindy, to taste them. It seemed that she had thoroughly enjoyed them, and she had said that they reminded her of cookies from her childhood.  I can't wait to make these again soon - this time after the end of the Lenten fast so that I could taste them ! ; )